1. Printer
  2. Instax printer
  3. Washi Tape
  4. Cute stickers (!!)
  5. Books (see below)
  6. Terrariums/ plants
  7. Galaxy/alien stuff
  8. Earrings
  9. Cute clothes outside of what I usually wear
  10. Tbh just spend time with me that’d make me most pleased HAHAH


List of books in no order:

  1. Pachinko
  2. The Master and Margarita
  3. Norse Mythology
  4. My Year of Meats
  5. Song of Achilles
  6. Works by Banana Yoshimoto (preferably Faber and Faber covers…)
  7. Harmless Like You
  8. Sherlock Holmes series with nice covers… (e.g. the penguin deluxe version)
  9.  Particularly The Sign of Four
  10. The Secret History of Jane Eyre
  11. Lament for The Fallen
  12. The Name of the Game is Kidnapping
  13. check my goodreads list