Starting a new again because, as usual, I have jumped to another blog/platform to write my thoughts on. I realise it’s a routine for me — to delete my social media at the end of every year and start anew or to create multiples of the same things only to end up deleting everything in the end.

I do hope this blog will stick around because I want to cultivate the habit of remembering important events in my life and how they make me feel, and to maybe have a space of my own to write what’s on my mind.

ALSO BECAUSE I DONT WANT THIS POST TO BE 2 PARAGRAPHS LONG it’s the second week of my school break now. Honestly, sem 1.2 passed by in a flash. It seems like not too long ago I was anxious over how to tell my family that I wanted to go to Poly instead of a JC, and now here I am, first semester of school done and GPA already hanging by a thread. (I can smell the gasoline already.)

The thing I’ll miss the most, other than my weekly 麻辣 sessions, (oh god, were those the essence of my life. still waiting for someone to jio me for 特辣 HAHA ) would be Wednesday’s radio classes!! & Japanese class after that! C:

Radio classes were a ton of fun because

  1. Chan is retarded
  2. Voice acting with Inge is amaze because she’s super cute
  3. Life talks & music with Mel!!!!!!
  4. Austistic Anna

I LOVE RADIO CLASS HAHA. Also, Japanese class because it’s the one time a week I see Megan and get to annoy the poor guy sitting next to me HAHA. hELLO if you see this HAHA 16/30.

I’ll also miss all the fun times and funny moments of T107 HAHA (the music videos are the best!!)

Though the semester was a short 4 months, a lot has happened and I’ve had many new experiences that I’m really thankful for hehe 🙂 NOTHING AS GREAT AS GETTING MULTIPLE Cs AMIRIGHT (can you hear the sound of my soul dying? because iT IS DYING.)

I met some pretty great people this sem that I’m really grateful for, including my friends from FBC (ARIA OI), my classmates and MMA03!! HAHAH thanks for always letting me crash guys love ni men duo duo. I’m not always able to show my appreciation for you guys because I don’t know how, but I just wanted to express that even if I have many terrible habits (like never knowing how to reply to messages), I am truly grateful to have you guys with me for my first sem in school! C:

I’ve a long break ahead of me, if two months can be considered long, and I really hope I can spend this time to the fullest before another busy sem :”))) Before then I should really practice photography for digpho, but… I’M REALLY BAD AT IT HAHAH if anyone wants to be a senpai and teach me I’ll be forever grateful!! HAHA

Hopefully I’ll get to spend time lots with my friends during the break too HEHE I’m really excited.

Am not really sure what I’m going to post here but I might photo dump every now and then, film some videos during the break, write stories or just, be weird here HAHAH.

Hope everyone has a fun and relaxing hols!!